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Ultima Online

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I believe one of the worlds first successful MPOGs (Multi-Player-Online-Game) deserves some note here. Ultima Online, that wonderfully buggy Player-Killer fest was created after all of these games. It is worthy of note not for it's great plot (it doesn't have one) or due to its spectacular graphics (they aren't) but because it was the first MPOG that involved more than shoot-shoot-shoot-kill-shot-shot-shot-die.

Ultima Online

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doreiwolf (why not try A682652?) (Alpha Low Thingite Patron, Defender of Wibble, Pagan Younger and Official Pooper Scooper)

How precisely are you defining Multi-Player Online Game? Because if you want successful online games you need look no further than MUDs, MUSHs MOOs and MUCKs. All are text based, but Multi-Player, Online and Games.
Now, if you're talking /graphical/ games....

Ultima Online

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Uncle Buck

OK - I buy this recommendation.


Nice and simple

How do I get to play?

I have an internet connection. A reasonable spec Pentium II etc.

I'd be grateful for a step-by-step guide that doesn't leave out the most important bits like some of the websites I found seem to.


Uncle Buck

Ultima Online

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Uncle Buck

It's OK - I got mail from the EA store in the US.

I'll let you know how I get on


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