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'...which aided man in his long struggle to the top of the food chain' really does gloss-over the fact that fire + rocks = spears which as we all know were the weapons that caveman used to ruthlessly hunt down and kill the last few dinosaurs (discounting birds and alligators, obviously). I am distressed that h2g2 should be following the 'trend' set by a couple of wacko scientists and recent films in insinuating that dinosaurs were killed off by some meteorite or other and not by our ancestors.
I can't get too technical now as I do not have my references to hand... but rest assured that the only reason that trophy T-Rex heads have not been found on many a cave wall is because screws and Plas-plugs were not invented until about the 14th Century.
For a simple reference guide on this issue, please refer to 'Cave Girls and the Dinosaurs' (or similar work).

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Glossing it over

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