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Any one else heard the Hobart Tasmania song that Chris Tarrant plays on capital radio? Fabulous stuff. I really want the lyrics - has anyone taped it? Maybe I will have to go over to Capital Radio and ask him for them.

The song is a fifties advertorial 'song' about the town in conjunction with Radio 710.

Very fun.


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Researcher 93445

Never been to Hobart, and don't expect that I'll ever get there -- but now I have some feel for what the place must be like. This is H2G2 at its best.

Must be lots of scenery in the area if it's really necessary to repeat that heading twice -- or did the GuideML parser just burp when rendering the page for me?


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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

This is a fine article on modern day Hobart but I would have liked to see more mention of its fascinating penal colony history. This is what most visitors/tourists go to Tasmania to see. Maybe the authors would consider writing a seperate article focusing on this. smiley - bigeyes

The scenery paragraph appeared twice for me as well. There are a few literals through the rest of the text.


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Bran the Explorer

The scenery bit seems to have been accidentally repeated. When I first saw the edited version of what I had originally written, it was a bit inaccurate, so sent in corrections - they seem to have forgotten to delete the original.

Good idea about writing one on penal history. I might get on to it.


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Spaceboy Zoom

Hrm, Never been to Hobart the city...

But I did attend and graduate Hobart College in New York State...

I think an entry is on its way


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