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Hobart's best bakery

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Pellia Optima Maxima

Hobart's best bakery is Jackman and McRoss. It's probably one of the best in Australia. They have a large outlet on Hampden Road in Battery Point and a small one on Cross Street in Newtown. They make really good continental-style breads and excellent pastries - real, home-made looking ones, none of this piped whipped cream and jam rubbish. They use fresh fruit and real chocolate, Tasmanian produce wherever possible. A very cheap and delicious lunch is one of the pies, about $A 3.00 each, with home-made relish (at the Newtown bakery you will get some salad as well). You can actually tell what's in them, unlike most Australian pies, which are filled with liquidised sheep scalps, eyeballs and plasma (yum).
Recommended: quince and pistachio tart, sour cherry danish, slow-cooked beef pie, chicken and mushroom pie, lemon tart, belgian chocolate and sour cherry cake, lemon and ricotta cake, monk pear tea, madagascan vanilla tea, dutch fruit bread, casalinga bread, and almost everything else.

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Hobart's best bakery

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