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Tasmanian drivers

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If you're visiting Tasmania and decide to rent a car, don't worry too much if the locals honk and abuse you while on the road. Despite various government ideas including slowing down the speed limit, increasing fines, and implementing various designs of speed cameras, Tasmanian drivers typically drive 10 to 20km/h above the legal speed limit, and the local police usually do so too.

Tasmanian drivers

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Seeker of Knowledge

Also, remember that all cars sold in Tasmania have an optional, and rarely purchased, accessory called an indicator.
Tasmanians generally either do not indicate, or indicate as they are making the turn, believing that the indicator is the control that makes the car turn the corner.

Tasmanian policemen

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Researcher 200952

Yes, the police in Tasmania are indeed bits of skunks. I have a mate who was driving around during Easter and was flagged down by a cop. My friend pulled over and the nice policeman gave him a basket of Easter eggs and congratulated him, telling him he'd been driving very well. With a friendly wave, the cop did a u-turn and drove away. Rather chuffed, my friend did a u-turn in the same spot, right in front of ANOTHER police car, which flagged him down and gave him a $110 fine. He was, needless to say, pissed off.

Tasmanian policemen

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That manoeuver is regulary practised and not often given the credit that such a dastardly stunt like that is due. The hours of replication of such an event upon the driver training circuit has been known to show quite a heavy toll on in-experienced rookies newly begining their training in such matters.

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