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Disneyworld is in Florida.


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Disneyland is in California. Did you know that AZ has one of the hightest boats per capita ratios in the US? I'm from AZ, I've never ben tubing, but a swimming pool and A/C or "Swamp Cooler" are necesities of life. You forgot to mention the large amounts of Spanish in southern AZ, and the wide open desert spaces between the handful of cities. You can drive for over an hour without seeing anything but desert. And don't forget that EVERYTHING has thorns (except certain people). People are quite friendly. The only bad things are the heat and the absence of stuff to do (except take day trips and go to the mall). Maybe I'll post a guide on our towns that never were sometime.
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One more thing. You didn't specifiacally mention out wonderful 8 ton cacti known in nature circles s Carnegeous gigantus (sp?), and to the general public as Saguaros (sah-war-roz). They are features on almost everything in AZ and are ony found there. They are big and have arms.
Also, I've never heard the term "Zonies."


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Could someone tell me how you edit an entry?
here's more saguaro stuff and this has the sci name spelled right.


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Also forgot to mention that the giant saguro's only grow in the southern portion of the state known as the sonoran desert. Also the mountains are in the center and south eastern parts of the state. North of Phoenix but not the north of Arizona.
There are quite a few firearm laws. And even more so to do with concealed firearms and the crack about inebriated tourists returning fire is pure bull. The average summer temperature is 100 not 110. Also we dont have alot of Spaniards but we do have a lot of Mexicans. The tar does not bubble at 110. It doesnt bubble at 120 either. As far as a brand from your seat belt. Sure it may smart, but it sure as hell will not leave you with a brand. The thought of us also having a state tie or lollipop is ludacris. Most of us dont wear ties in the first place. In second place the bolo tie is hardley even worn by the cowboy type anymore. Also we do not spend the summer bobbing down a river. Most of us dont live near a river or a stream. Most of us actually spend the summer working and trying not to be outdoors. As far as deserts with rattlesnakes go, you have a better chance at getting mugged after dinner than running in to one of these animals. I can also gauruntee that in the last 20 years, the only person I have ever heard refer to an Arizonan as a "Zonie" was from somewhere else and was also punched in the face.

Arizona is a very interesting and diverse area and has no need for exagertions or untruths to make it seem so.


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I live in Arizona and I will tell you I have never once been refered to as a ''zonie''.....and please don't do that. Arizonian yes...Zonie.....never. Also we do have ''real'' snow up north. I've heard about the liberal gun laws, but I have never actually seen anyone carrying one, but I live in Mesa so we don't usually have gun fights down main street anymore. Arizona is very diverse and quite worth a visit. Maybe the Author of the article should spend more time here so there is a ''bit'' more accuracy in it.
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