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Just been watching a documentary on the Mary Rose (Henry VIII's favourite warship) in which they said that the arrow heads and flights were attached using a cooper-rich glue. This was probably verdigris and would've been used to deter rats and mice from gnawing away at the whipped fletchings - a wise precaution onboard a ship!. There is also the possibility that it was added to the varnish to indicate that they were 'livery arrowsa' i.e. the King's property.

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Medieval fletchers used hide glue kept in copper glue pots. They probably did not throw the glue away and use fresh glue every day. Over time the glue would turn green as it was brushed onto the thread holding down the fletches. I found this out from a luthier who uses hide glue to make guitars and uses a copper pot to hold his glue. They were not using verdigris to deter rats. Likely the fletcher didn't know the glue he was using was toxic.

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