A Conversation for Bone Marrow Donors - a Personal Experience


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Curling Android

Sounds like something from Readers Digest! Way to go!


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Strangely enough, when I was a teenager, I read about Bone Marrow Donation and Anthony Nolan in my Mum's Readers Digest. I really wanted to register, but I was way too young. Fast forward a few years, and when I started donating blood at 21 years old I remembered Anthony Nolan and registered. A few months later I was asked for a follow up blood sample and a few months after that I was donating bone marrow in the way described in the article. About six months later I provided a follow up donation by having my blood circulating through a machine that seperates off the type of cells they wanted. I am in England and my marrow went to a chap in Belguim, so the different Registers communicate with each other to find a match. Really interesting article, I had exactly the same experience and I was so proud to be able to help someone I've never met.

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