A Conversation for Bone Marrow Donors - a Personal Experience

Dontation is easier nowadays

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For those who have put off joining the Anthony Nolan Register for fear of the donation process, you'll be pleased to hear that it is much less painful these days. As PINKLADY has mentioned, these days transplants consist of having injections for a few days (stuff called g-CSF - granulocyte colony stimulation factor). This puts your bone marrow into overdrive, and your stem cells spill out of the marrow into your bloodstream. This followed by being hooked up to a machine which separates stem cells and immature cells from your blood which is returned to your body.

It is no worse than giving blood, and could save so many lives as a treatment for leukaemia, sickle cell, fanconi's anaemia, SCID and many other genetic and malignant diseases.

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Dontation is easier nowadays

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