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Quinn Skylark

Ye Gods, man. Taco Bell is in NO WAY healthy. Your "fries supreme" sounds like a recipe for a heart attack to me.


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furtim - Zaphodista Sympathiser

I think he meant in comparison to standard fast food burger joints, which usually serve grey cardboard dipped in cholesterol.

But yeah, I don't get how Taco Bell can be considered at all "healthy", even in a relative sense.


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Maria d J Gutierrez

No, not hardly. Just set some of that "beef" filling on a paper towel and watch it absorb the grease. The flour tortillas are made of white flour, water and shortening, the corn tortillas are deep fried before they get to you. The beans are loaded with fat and topped with shredded cheese to boot. Actually, pretty much everything on the menu has shredded cheese on it. Even the deserts are deep fried.
With minimum effort I found the following info about their Chalupa:
"The Steak or Chicken Classic will do the least damage ? 310 calories, almost 500 mg of sodium, and 16 grams of fat, four or five of them saturated. That?s ?just? a quarter of a day?s sat fat...and it doesn?t even include any trans fat from the frying oil. The Beef Supreme delivers half a day?s saturated fat.
Pick up a Chalupa Value Meal for about four bucks and you?ll get two Chalupas, a hard-shell taco, and a large soda. You?ll also get 970 calories, 56 grams of fat, and 20 grams of sat fat.
Is that a great drop-dead deal or what?"
Also, the reason for the generous drink policy is that Taco Bell is owned by Pepsi. That's also the reason Del Taco stopped serving Pepsi. Dinky the dog stopped showing up on their advertising when studys showed that, although he was wildly poplular, he didn't boost sales.

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