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Great entry. This comes at a great time and is very exciting to me. I am building and researching a small static model and will be able to use this information to decide on the exterior. Thanks so Much Farlander.

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Oetzi Oetztaler....Anti Apartheid

Sounds a great hobby Babel.
Would you mind keeping in touch to see how you get on.
I find model building fascinating..the skills, materials and research is always of interest to me.

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I certainly will. I can't tell you that I am a very skilled static model hobbyist. I recently started in again at the age of 40 after my childhood friend and fellow WWII airplane enthusiast died of a hear attack. So I bought an air brush and tried to step up to his competence as a detailed modeler after his death. It has been seven years since and I still have not found the skills to equal his as they were when we were kids.

In the UK there is a great web site that has the greatest inventory of kits and (most especially) modeling decals from a very impressive library of historically accurate insignia and nose art that don't typically come with stock kits. David(?) Hannant is the founder. www.hannants.co.uk/

I think with the help of your entry I could choose from a wide range of historically accurate markings and insignias to make my current project authentic and unique.

Thanks again

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hello babelhorn, and sorry for taking so long to reply to your posting!

i found quite a lot of sites dedicated to b-17s while researching the subject, one of the most interesting ones being the one dedicated to 'my gal sal' (http://www.ultimatesacrifice.com/). you might find it useful - it has plenty of photographs and other details of the extensive restoration work they did on her. http://www.armyairforces.com/tails.asp is a good site if you want tail markings, or if you want the 303rd bomb group, http://www.303rdbga.com/aircraft-markings.html. heavybombers.com has a lot of really good b-17 photographs.

anyway, cheers, and thanks for reading!

smiley - cheers

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Have any of you been in combat?

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