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Driving in Paris, navigation tip

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Small note from personal experience.
If you can't find the place you're trying to get to listed on the signposts, DON'T keep following the sign for "Autres Directions".
This will only get you stuck in a specially designed loop that winds its way round La Défense and the nearby section of the Périférique.

Driving in Paris, navigation tip

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I rarely follow directions posted on signpost, 'cos they're nearly all designed by liars and/or mad people, and are only there to lull you into a false sense of security smiley - smiley

Never try to get out of Paris, you'll only ever wind up in Versailles. Lovely place, nice petrol station, but the only way out leads back to Paris which leads back to Versailles which leads back to.... until you run out petrol... etc.

Belgian signposts are much more ace. They usually say;

'Ha! You've missed yer turning'


Driving in Paris, navigation tip

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Funnily enough we also got stuck in Versailles. There are other ways out, but they all seem to run miles into forest land before coming to an abrupt halt.

Driving in Paris, navigation tip

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Oddly I too ended up in Versailles and then my engine blew up

Driving in Paris, navigation tip

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"One warning: don't try to take tea at the Café du Trocadero - the waiters are rude even by Parisian standards, and they'll charge you extra for milk."

Now 22 februari 2007 this restaurant is still a place not to be!
not only are the waiters still rude, the food is with no taste at all... i had a onoinsoup with some brown water and a tast of cheese and bread. it could be the dishwashers water. Childrens spaggetti with no taste... verry expencive and no quality at all... A shame for the frensch cuisine... smiley - sadfacesmiley - sadfacesmiley - sadface

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