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Ewww... and then some

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Gee, simply stunning!

My question, as it oftimes is when these things come to my attention, is how anybody figured out that this might be a good thing to even try?!?! smiley - erm

I mean, how many people might be so 'treated' before the first was ripe enough to test out the theory?

Nice job though!
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Ewww... and then some

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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Yea, you kinda get the image of generations down the line checking the equivalent of toe-tags, like in the Hitchhikers story, waiting years ... finally ... it's today! Step forward with your spoons!smiley - spork

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Ewww... and then some

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Well, I have absolutely no evidence for this, but it is a fact that initial attempts were made with strawberry jam and marmalade, but with mixed results smiley - tongueincheek

I believe Aborigines in Australia used Vegemite and Native Americans used peanut butter.

Ewww... and then some

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Fizzymouse- no place like home

Brilliant stuff smiley - applause I'll have two pints please smiley - alesmiley - ale

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