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What to Do if you See a Famous Person in London, UK

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London supports a large population of celebrities and famous individuals. These are subdivided into a complicated ranking system, which is organised with consideration for their genre, medium, and role. At no point does level of skill1, appear to be a factor to their placement. Visitors to London should, however be aware of the correct procedure to follow upon recognising a famous individual or celebrity upon the streets of the great metropolis.

  • Overcome initial instinct to stare.

  • Adopt nonchalant attitude - as if you are in the company of such people all the time.

  • Optional: If the celebrity is a minor one, ignore any looks or motions from them as they try to decide if you have recognised them or not.

  • If necessary, indicate to your companions the presence of the celebrity through an inaudible whisper or barely-disguised pointing.

  • Enter phase of thinking you are mistaken.

  • Upon exit from vision of celebrity, commit to memory time and location of sighting, then bore friends and relatives with detailed account of your brief encounter.

1In a profession, such as acting.

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