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The Jaffa Cake Song

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Top Cat

When we were working on the school 'newspaper', my colleague (the inimitable Andrew Sandford) and I were writing little poems to fill space. As I recall we came up with a light little ditty about a janitor falling off the roof while trying to get a football down and we sung it to the tune from Robin Hood - not Bryan Adams' one, the one Monty Python pisstook with Dennis Moore. Having done this, we promptly forgot the lyrics to the song and wrote this instead:

Jaffa Cake, Jaffa Cake, biscuit in disguise,
Jaffa Cake, not a cake, can't believe my eyes,
Covered in chocolate, lots of it,
With a smashing jaffa orangey bit,
Jaffa Cake, Jaffa Cake, Jaffa Cake.

The observant will note that this can also be sung to the Dennis Moore theme tune. Feel free to do so when enjoying Jaffa Cakes in the privacy of your own home with other like-minded individuals. May it become your anthem.

Ironically, I can't stand Jaffa Cakes. Waste of chocolate if you ask me. I think Andrew quite liked them though. Still, live and let live, eh?

The REAL Jaffa Cake Song

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Jaffa Cakes, oh jaffa cakes, gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme Jaffa Cakes
Oh Jaffa, Oh Jaffa, gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme Jaffa Cakes

this repeates an infinate number of times.

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The Jaffa Cake Song

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