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This is just nitpicking on my part...

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You say in your entry that Bond does not age a day for 40 years - not true. With the exception of On Her Majesty's Secret Service (of which all evidence of it ever being made should be destroyed) Bond ages quite realistically from 1962 to 1985. This is because Roger Moore, who took over after Connery, is actually three years older than the Scot in real life. So Bond actually gets too old you could say. Up until 1987 of course, when he loses about 30 years and becomes Timothy Dalton. I would also like to say how saddened I am that Timothy Dalton is so underrated as Bond, he was just as good as Pierce Brosnan, if not better. Dalton is British for a start, Brosnan's a Paddy. If there hadn't been such a huge gap between License To Kill and Goldeneye, and Dalton had stayed on, then he surely would have received much much more praise than he has done. Maybe I should write an entry on the successes of Timothy Dalton's Bond. I think I will, just watch this space.

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This is just nitpicking on my part...

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