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Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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Despite steryotypical beliefs, This is probably one of the last foods I'd put on a barbie. In fact, in all my years of BBQ's (which is every second night in summer) I've never seen it done.

Another thing we do put on though is vegies. Nothing like a bit of BBQ tomato or onion. Fry up an egg or two on the hotplate. Mmmmm, delish!!!

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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Good point, I don't think I've ever seen it done either.
But have you ever tried crab? Caked in salt and baked 'mongst the coals, mmm... makes me wish it'd stop raining all day...

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Sweetcorn - peel back the husk, smother in butter, replace the husk. Yummy.

Fish - add lemon, salt and pepper to the fillets, wrap in tinfoil, better than meat anyday

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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"Prawn? What the hell's a prawn!? "
Here in Oklahoma we don't throw prawn. Cut yer cow and mash up some spuds. The only fish we barbeque are catfish. We also barbeque pork, chicken, and whatever else we find. Sometimes we cook up rattlesnakes or some 'rocky mountain oysters'.

There's no barbeque without barbeque sauce. Everybody's got a sauce recipe with secret ingredients that differ depending on who they're related to. In Arkansas they all have the same ingredients smiley - winkeye. The typical sauce is tomato sauce, some peppers, some molasses and/or brown sugar, and whatever you can scape from the grill after the meats' done cooking.

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

"Don't come the raw prawn with me" = avoid deception.

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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I've seen prawns done on a BBQ - here in NZ

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

We throw prawns on the barbie here in Oz, but usually it's best to boil them up and eat them that way

Throw a prawn on the barbie!!

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We do bbq prawns. Green prawns, marinated in french dressing for a couple of hours and Bob's your uncle.

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