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Shifty Trapeze artists

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I really don't know that much about trust, but trapeze artists I do know! And you can paint my bottom blue if I'm lying!

Although the spectacle that awes you from your gum encrusted seat in the circus might seem a tremenddous spectacle and mind baffling in it's essence, it is not that difficult. And Trust my ladies and Gentlemen, does not come into play. What you see in fact is nothing but a bunch of holograms, purposely designed and methodically played out by a large dwarf with a projector. This Dwarf is called Dundrundun and he is the all time master of deception and witch to boot.

His models and actors in the staging of this are fleas who are specially grown to look like humans and put in tiny little sparkling costumes. And Fleas are senseless insects and therefore unable to experience the emotion TRUST. which reminds me, me not knowing but nought about trust. Is Trust an emotion???

I suggest we all do our best to capture the sinister Dundrundun and terminate once and for all this horrendous hoax. Not only will this eliminate neck pains and injuries, a common ailment amongst viewers of trapeze 'artists', but it will also be fun I think. We haven't had a decent witch hunt for ages.

Lord Humphrey 'Thunderguts' Dagenhurt

P.S. Concerning Trust in relationships: The only true trust in a relationship is the trust that exists between man and his opposable thumbs.

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Shifty Trapeze artists

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