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I knew a guy for about 2 years. I have just moved houses after sharing a house for 8 months. It seemed a good idea to furnish the house together and share the cost. All was going smooth untill he discovered he had to move because of his job. We disagreed the first time round on who gets what. A couple of weeks before he was to move I came back home and nearly everything we bought was gone. Daft of me I thought. He had the reciepts.

I knew the guy, I trusted him. Obviously I chased every possible way to reduce my losses but I lost faith in people. I still find it hard to completely trust someone. I depended on my 25 years of experience to make a judgement on who would be trusted and who wouldn't. It failed me miserably.

One would think that an experience like this would teach me and enhance my ablility to make a sound opinion on who to call a friend to be trusted. However all it did was to make that voice telling me to be carefull lowder and more frequent, looking for hidden agendas in what people say. Are people only to be 90% trusted or was he just a thief.

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