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Evil Zombie Strider

in your list of lying tips, i would include: whenever possible believe the lie. If you manage to actually believe the words coming out of your lips, so will they.

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Misplaced Mississippian

This is definitely true. The most important part about this is body language. If your body language does not agree with what you are saying, the other person will not necessarily believe it, whether it is a lie or the truth.

Another point about lying is that if you are asked to back up a lie, back it up with something that can not be verified. Without any other reference, it is easier to entangle someone in your illusion.

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Yea, believing the lie you are saying is the best way to make it pass as truth. But its a bit like using the darkside, once you venture too far its tricky to go back to reality.

But - and a very reassuring but - relity is just as real as you percieve it, its subjective. That means anything you believe in is your reality. Yehay!

So whatever it is, your sexual superpowers, people wanting to get you, blue pandas in the sky - it can be just as real to you as it can be unreal to other people.

Its those pesky people with spear-like insight that can be a nuisance. If somebody wrecks your lie-reality it can be quite traumatic.

So make sure your lies are waterproof and deny everything whenever you can. You didnt do it!

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If reality is whatever you wish then you might as well believe that it isn't. Reality being relative doesn't mean it is. And if you are going to say this, and truly believe it, then you must believe that if you didn't believe it wouldn't be. Then also, it means that if you didn't believe your house is there, then it isn't.

This idea, which is fallacious in many ways, is a way to give in to bodily desires and avoid using reason. In a way, it is a childish way, since children must learn to use logic from their parents, who have learned from past experience.

And you called those who believe in order pesky...Truth can be pesky, because doing the right thing isn't always easy, and it isn't always pleasurable. Yet, if you wish to believe that we are here for pleasure, then you will have to answer to all the people who got aids in the past century.

If you belive this:

A) Realitive is relative and it depends on the opinions of everybody.

Then it is ok for someone to kill you. Before that, you should write that it is ok for that person to kill you, since that is his reality.

I encourage you to read plato and aristotle and berkely and all the great ancient philosophers.

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