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Lying and Morals

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Why do people lie? Is it better to lie than to be honest? I think everyone lies, but everyones definition of where to draw the line is the biggest variation. For instants most people would lie if a good friend asked if they are fat, because they wouldn't want to hurt there feelings, this is generally called a white lie. But if the good friend asked the question because they wanted the truth because of an insecurity and needed some support in how to deal with it, would or should they then question their friendship? The problem with lying is knowing the reasons or morals for lying in the first place. Morals and the feeling that go with them are, in my opinion, the key factor in where the 'line' is drawn. The bigger the lie your willing to tell the less conscience you must have. I wish no one could lie, that way everyone would know were they stand! Does anyone have a comment on this?-without lying!

Lying and Morals

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Hey, that's a thing I find pretty interesting; why people mostly answers "oh no of course not!" to questions like "am I fat?", "am I ugly?" and so on. There actually shouldn't be any reason for doing that. I mean the question is asked by one who either wants an opinion, or encouragement, but hell, you should never hide from the truth! If you're fat, then face it. Anyone giving the truth for an answer should never be blamed. If the person asking the question in question can't handle the truth, he/she shouldn't ask at all. Keep you're back free!
I say cut out the white lies, and concentrate on the more advanced ones that really make a different, that's more fun.

Lying and Morals

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Martin Harper

opinion, or encouragement, like you say. There's nothing encouraging about saying "if you went down to the beach, there'd be stories in the paper about a beached whale". If the questioner goes and kills themselves as a result, morally you're partly to blame.

By all means tell the truth, but don't try and kid yourself that you're doing the right thing.

Lying and Morals

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Martin Harper

btw - I now have a recc'd entry on ethics and morality at http://www.h2g2.com/A468920

Lying and Morals

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I'll give you one example of my perspective.

- You have a girlfriend and she is looking in the mirror, trying things on. She says to you, "do I look fat?" If you are in doubt of what she means, you can ask her to clarify what she means. Most of my experiences with this, is that women mean something else, like, "tell me that I am not fat though we both know I am, so that I don't cut on the bread." Really, she is asking you to tell her it's ok to eat more than necessary. My current girlfriend doesn't play this game, but she is something divine, full of reason.
If your girlfriend or anyone you love and care for (you should love everyone = key to happinness)does indeed ask you in that begging for approval way, then it is your duty to try and bring reason in.
If you asked me if you were fat, and you are fat, yet I know you know this, then I will talk to you about your problem.
People with problems will find a way to tell you about them indirectly. They are games.


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