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I am 71st in the world rankings for Tiddlywinks, and it was great to see such a page being produced on tiddlywinks.

That is all I have to say really....Just wanted to show off a bit...I'm proud of myself for it...and yes, I know 70 other people are better than me in the world, I don't care. So there!

Nice to meet you all


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Global Village Idiot

Hi Helen, thanks, glad you liked it.

If I can show off a bit too, my highest world ranking was (if memory serves) 12th - but that was back in '87 or so. That was the year I squopped up Larry Khan in the National Singles. Then people I was about as good as (like Andy Purvis, Geoff Myers and Patrick Barrie) stayed at Uni and started getting *really* good, while I went out, got a job, and kind of lost touch.

C'est la vie.


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Very impressive there Idiot (not meant as an insult...your choice of name!!!). Patrick Barrie did get to number one for a while, but got knocked off a few weeks ago, but as you say, that's what it is like if you stay at university!!


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Global Village Idiot

Yes, your comment prompted me to check the latest rankings, and I was astonished to see Matthew Rose in top spot! As a novice, he was definitely weaker than a couple of others even from his year at Cambridge - Geoff Myers (who went on to be World Singles and Pairs champion) was one, but even though his last world title match was as recent as '97 I see he hasn't played competitively this year. I wonder what happened to him? - and Richard Moore, who still seems to be active, though his last major title was the '93 ETwA Pairs with Patrick. Matthew was obviously a late bloomer, but he's done very well for himself now smiley - smiley. I do remember him always being difficult to play against.

And there's Simon Gandy at No. 6! He was a first year when I was a third; as a novice, he beat me the game after I squopped Larry up. Nice to see he's fulfilled that potential smiley - smiley

If you're still in regular contact with the Cambridge crew, say Hi to Patrick, Stew Sage, Nick Inglis if he's still around (and anyone else whose memory might stretch back to '88) for me. Tell Stew the membership cheque's in the post smiley - winkeye

Having checked your user page, I now also understand why I didn't find a Helen in the ETwA rankings smiley - winkeye

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