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Tiddlywink blues

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The only quarter blue available at Cambridge or Oxford is in Tiddlywinks. Cambridge usually win (I hope).

Tiddlywink blues

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Global Village Idiot

Indeed, I should have mentioned this (especially as a quarter-blue myself). The best thing is that you can fold the scarf so it looks like a half-blue, and people think you are a bit of a sportsman.

I only know of Oxford winning twice: once when the Cambridge president Roger Long had a row with the committee and took a team of his friends, some of whom had never played, to the varsity match; the second when two of Cambridge's best players of recent years (they have since been World Pairs champions together, and each has been Singles champion on his own) both got into Oxford for post-grad study at the same time. Of course I've been out of it in recent years, but I understand the dominance continues.

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