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Thanks Asteroids

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I think that asteroids are cool, in the way that something that could potentially kill your entire known existance can still be cool. If it were not for the (theory) asteroid related extinction of the dinosaurs, we may have to spend more time trying to avoid being stepped on and less time thinking about how cool things are, and getting so darn smart (theory).

Thanks Asteroids

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Brother Normal

Asteroids was the first video game that I was in any way accomplished at. I have a soft spot for those early, unrendered graphics. Does anybody remember Tempest or Battle-Zone? (Nostalgic sigh...)

Thanks Asteroids

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I've got my Intellivision in a box downstairs, near the box with pong. One day I'll get that pong to work. Astrosmash was the game I think. Snafu was another great one, or utopia.

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