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Asteroid Lil

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Researcher sparklestar

I just met an asteroid named *Lil* on site here and posted a bit about my interest in asteroids. I am particularly drawn to the ancient and modern mythologies that attach as names, *Varuna* being my present favourite. I know the list is quite long, but it makes an interesting study to match the names with the dates of discovery and see what comes up. I also like to carry a magnet through these woods, collect small pieces to energize my mojo bag.

Enjoyed your article.

Asteroid Lil

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Hi again,
It's jwf, poking around your homepage, and thoroughly impressed with your poetic view of the cosmos. Having taken so long to answer your post to me, I'm feeling a little guilty and worried you might get the impression folks were ignoring you. Not at all! It's just that h2g2 is not an immediate reponse type chat line at the best of times.

I'm posting here because I just happen to know that Asteroid Lil is between houses. A huge move across the US. And she will be off-line for a couple more weeks probably. I know she won't mind if I let you know that, because I'm sure she'd feel badly to have missed you.

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