A Conversation for Microwave Ovens

Blue Peter

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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Yes, this is the solution to clue 6. Congratulations! smiley - star If you've got this far, you should know how it all works. First person here, please add a clue below!

smiley - doctorsmiley - angel Justin

Blue Peter

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Clue 7 coming up...

Blue Peter

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Ok clue 7.

We all have them, some paint them, some polish them, but don't do this to them in public.

Blue Peter

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Ooh, the demon is ahead of me. Never mind, I reckon I know this one as well.

Blue Peter

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Argon0 (back for a bit)

smiley - grr Got it - this game has got me by the unmentionables!!!

I knew it was something to do with Microwaves - but thought it was something else... The Blue Peter bit was obvious though!

Ok Clue 8.... Then

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Blue Peter

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