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Ahhhh, I remember watching in glorious monochrome (although it was called 'black and white' in those days, the concept of colour TV being not even a glint in Logie-Baird's eye). The whole thing seemed to be recorded in a fog and for many years, it seemed to me, the loverly Katy Boyle was hostess. How we mocked at the time, but Katy could speak several languages fluently and was probably the ideal hostess.

And the songs. Variations on 'Boom Bang-a-Bang' in 20 languages for yonks and then ABBA came along and changed European music for ever.

Yes, it's now a slick production and we can hear what everyone's saying, but there was something of the pioneering spirit about the crappy old days.

I don't watch it any more, of course.

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Katy Boyle

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