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Charity pin badges

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I was so interested in this entry! I thought my husband was weird when he started collecting them! How do other people display them? The Master buys (yes, buys - there's a hint for one of the charities!) - frames for 10x15cm photographs, and pins them to the backing. Some are too thick, of course, like Thomas the Tank Engine and a teddy bear with a picture of a helicopter, neither of which bear the name of their sponsor, and for these he has to remove the glass. He now has 9 framesful, which, at an average of 9 per frame must be, well er, 81. All in the kitchen.....

Charity pin badges

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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

Hi seraphicDigitalis smiley - smiley

It's diffucult to decribe what I keep my pin badges in. I think they come from craft shops, small clear tubes, in multi sections that screw together. Well, that's the way I keep the pin badges not on their card, those that are one card, I keep in a small box.

I've considered displaying them in picture fromes, similar way to your other half, but never quite got around to it. smiley - doh

How does he display the pin badges on card, with the card I would assume.

Do you collect anything yourself seraphicDigitalis? smiley - smiley

smiley - cracker

Charity pin badges

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Hello, good to hear from you. No, he uses the backing supplied with the frame. A lot of badges come without card, so he doesn't feel the need to collect those as well. (He's asleep in the chair, at the moment - Christmas Day, I ask you! - hence the time to be creative, while the fowl cooks)
We collect Village Signs, in a desultory way. We used to be rabid, getting up at dawn and driving miles in search of new candidates, but now antiquity is raising its ugly head, and we only go for those we might find en route to wherever, or new ones we hear about. Did you know there's a Society, called, surprisingly, The Village Sign Society?
Also in the past, I used to collect mugs - advertising, commemorative, souvenirs etc, but the shelves grew so crowded that I stick with Specials now; breeds of sheep, national events and I'm far more selective. Another sign of 'maturity'? We don't call it 'age'.
What a long rambling message. Happy Christmas.

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