A Conversation for Cockroaches

Survivors of a nuclear holocaust

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Cockroaches aren't the only multi-cellular animals that would survive a nuclear war... ants would, too.

Technically, ants are the single most successful multi-cellular animal on land... they even beat cockroaches and humans!

[bows respectfully]


Survivors of a nuclear holocaust

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Little Bo Peep - I've lost my sheep

I eat ants for breakfast

Survivors of a nuclear holocaust

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Dr. Henry Jekyll

Just an interesting tid bit for the roach-loving community. Only 1/7 of the roach population would survive the nuclear damage. Roaches body cells only divide once every seven seconds as opposed to the continuious division of cells in most living creatures. So, in theory, those roaches whose body cycle fell into the lull would suffer less mutations and whatnot than the rest of the world.

Dr. Jekyll

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