A Conversation for Cockroaches


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Smiley Ben

A stiletto would definitely do it. Do you realise how much pressure you can apply with a stilletto? You could definitely manage 29N at the point!


Post 2


12 N is a force, not a pressure... but then you knew that, right? smiley - winkeye


Post 3

Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

And of course this has the effect of spreading the eggs and you end up with a mini colony of cockroaches


Post 4

Smiley Ben

Yup. But I somehow suspect roach shells react to pressure, not plain force.... smiley - fish


Post 5


I'm afraid a stiletto does NOT do the job. Not for the sturdy little beggars in my hotel room, in any case. If they are on the floor, and you are WEARING the stiletto - they become slightly dented, but miraculously survive. My advice - beat them repeatedly with the heaviest metal implement you can find. For me, a wrench did nicely (but left a bit of a dent in the floor).

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