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False awakening

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Another funny thing about dreaming is a phenomenon called false awakening.

I'm only writing about it now because I had a series of really strong false awakenings yesterday.
I had been out drinking pretty late the night before, but still got out of bed pretty early. So about 14.00 or so I felt really tired and went to bed to take a nap. About an hour later I was dreaming very vividly and that's when it all started.

You see, I was expecting a call, and in my dream I somehow realized that I had turned the sound off on my phone. Then I had a very strong, and very real, feeling of getting out of bed and walking to my phone, where I saw I had received two messages.

Suddenly I realized that I was still in bed and that I had to still be dreaming all of this. So I thought that I really had to get out of bed now, although I was very tired. So once again i got up, walked to the phone and saw that I had two unread messages there.

Once again I realized that this was still a dream, and that I was, in fact, still in bed.

This repeated itself in, it seemed, an endless number of times.
I got the strange impression that I somehow had to have a clairvoyant dream of some sort, although I normally don't believe in things like that. But that "2 new messages" on my phone looked SO REAL!

And here comes the funniest part! This melody line starts playing again and again in my head, all this while I was still experiencing these countless numbers of false awakenings looking at the phone.
This was the words sung: "Together in a false awakening"
Over and over again.

Finally I got up for real, looked at my phone for real. There were no messages there by the way, but that melody was still playing in my head. So I picked up my guitar, started playing it and wrote it down to notes.
It's really a very simple and banal melody, but it's great fun to know that it came to me in a dream. I often hear music in my dreams, but this is only the second time that I've remebered it after I'm up.

False awakening

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ive had similar experiences, mostly induced by lack of sleep/illness.

Once i remember getting up and reaching for my watch from the beside table. I looked at it, and it was 5 past. I didnt care since i was tired, and went back to sleep. I looked at it again, 15 past. I repeated this, and it quarter to!

I forced myself awake, looked around for my watch, and looked at the beside table. It was still there, and it was 10 past.

False awakening

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Yeah, that's familiar to me too... I quite often have these false awakenings looking at the clock and seeing a totally different time than it really is, and that I see when I wake up for real.
I find this phenomenon quite interesting. Everything can look so REAL during these false awakenings. And I often see things in such detail, as in the case of the messages on my phone I described earlier...

I just had to tell about the other time that I was able to capture music that I had heard in a dream. It was a very weird dream where I suddenly found myself in this finnish town I've maybe visited three or four times in my life. And in an empty grey apartment I witnessed this absolutely horrific murder of a man. But I wasn't able to do anything; i was forced to just stand there by the side and watch.

And once it all was done I ran out of the apartment and out on the streets and found that the entire city had gone pink. Everything flooded in this beautiful, warm and pulsating pink light. Everything was very slow, very varm and dreamlike.

And then suddenly this beatiful music started playing. This enormous, majectic yet soft, choir bursted out in this melody of total forgivness, total comfort and relief. And this feeling of fullfilness of all longing and sudden understanding came over me. And somehow I realized that I had to wake up and write this music down.

So I forced myself up, immediatly ran to the piano and wrote it all down. It came out as a work for a choir in five parts, pitches: a bass, a baryton, a tenor, an alto and a soprano...

Just had to write about it, 'cause it's one of the strongest experiences of my life...
That composition of mine still means much to me, although I've never been able to write a satisfying continuation to the piece...

Maybe I forced my self up to early...smiley - winkeye

False awakening

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maybe, or maybe a few seconds later and you would have lost it

False awakening

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you should put that music on the net somewhere gutter post, so we can listen to it.
i had a couple of false awakenings one morning when i was meant to getting up and ready. i kept falsely thinking i'd gotten out of bed and started dressing. then i'd come back to myself with a jolt and realise i hadnt started to get ready at all. i did this two times before i finaly got up smiley - smiley

False awakening

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oops! sorry, i typo-ed your name gutter poet smiley - biggrin

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