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how rare is the ability to control your dreams? ive always been able to do this and up until a recent conversation with a friend i didnt think it was anything special. so anyone else able to do this naturally?

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My son has had the ability to LD and to control his dreams naturally but I have had to spend time practising control and reading up on techniques. I am not sure how widespread the ability is, I read somewhere that less than 1 in 1000 people ever experience lucidity and speaking to friends they seem to be puzzled by the ability to control dreams and mix it up with remembering them.

If you do it easily then parhaps I could ask you a couple of questions
. When you feel you are coming out of a dream how do you stay in it, I have some succes withrotating but maybe you have a better technique

. What cue do you use to know if you are Lucid?

Do you know of any association for LD'ers?

I have been practising for about 4 years now and find the whole thing fascinating

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I can completely relate to what you're saying because I used to be in the same position. My LDs were infrequent but often and exciting enough for me to keep trying.

Things changed when I went to university to study Psychology; it was there that my fascination reached a new level. In close collaboration with a colleague, we developed a method (called EVT) which allowed us to enter the LD state with unimaginable ease. It doesn't rely on reality checks and complex mental techniques either...and best of all, all of those who participated in our researched entered the LD state within 2 hours (maximum).

You might find this hard to believe because other sites and information will tell you that much effort is required, but I can tell you that this isn't the case. I'll now answer your questions directly.

When I have spontaneous LDs, the best method to remain in them I find is to look at your hands, and command "More lucid now!" I find that the visuals fade first (a commonly reported event), so I try to bring them back. This works very well for me, and I hope it does for you.

Cue: Using EVT, you're in the state immediately. You just KNOW that you're in when the black at the back of your eyelids turns into a richly detailed visual scene! Using normal LD methods, I use several reality tests because no single RT is fool proof. I try to look at my nose with one eye and then the other, and then pinch it and try to breathe through it. If you can breathe with a pinched nose, this is a good sign that you're dreaming - unless you can breathe through your ears!!

I don't know of any LD associations in the UK, and this is disappointing. I hope that our company EVT SYSTEMS can start to fill this void. I'll refer you to our site www.evtsystems.com for more information. It will give you details on how to contact me directly.

I hope that I've helped in some way.

Very best regards,
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i have been having lucid dreams for about 6 yrs now and they have gotten worst after a family member of mine was murdered... i always try to wake up out of these dreams but have been caught in them for who knows how long many of times... i struggle in my sleep to wake up, also i am constantly in the dream with very frightening situations that i dodge or am constantly tryin to avoid... one person i know refered to this effect as "the devil riding my back" which keeps you from waking up when u are aware that u are dreaming and wish to wake up. Once i was stuck not dreaming but just laying on my back with my eyes closed and i could hear everything around me but i was unable to open my eyes or even wiggle a toe... wut is wrong with me...smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wah

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