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Carlos Casteneda

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There is another system in which dreams are used has been documented. A guy called Carlos Casteneda was taught over many years by a Mexican sorcerer.

There is a concept known as the first, second and third attention. The first attention is that of everyday life, the second attention is somewhat similar to a cultivated lucid dreaming, and the third attention is something beyond this (and outside the scope of this note).

One of the techniques involved which reaching the second attention is to stare at your hands while falling asleep. These hands aren't your physical ones holding the mouse, but one's you can see when you have your eyes closed and are entering dreaming.

When you can see your hands whilst entering dreaming, you can start to look at things around you, but this is to be done which short glances. Staring whilst dreaming will trigger a change in your surroundings, apparently.

This practice takes time and energy (I haven't got the hang of it yet) and there are physical exercises that you can do to enhance your ability to see your hands in dreaming.

Some interesting books written by Carlos Casteneda include The art of Dreaming, The Active Side of Infinity and Magical Passes (a book of physical exercises designed to help).

Carlos Casteneda

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Researcher 210212

Carlos Casteneda was studying shamanism,or how to be a brujo and was learning the many dimensions of the art,that included the dreamworld.As you may well know of the South American belief ,the dreamworld or otherworld is the realworld that matters,this physical dimension is the temporal artificial world that has little worth,but occupies so many's conciousness. This is what concerns all or should more than exists now,but it is improving,one must create a better world thru any means,visualized,dreamed,however it may be manifested,or it will not be, or show proof that spirit made and makes all, so give it life,and evolve the higher conciousness perpetually with everything you do or don't do,everyday/night,same thing,different colour/light....as/was/is/will/be,wasislbe ,my nom d'plume....Burton

Carlos Casteneda

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Of course, Richard DeMille later went on to deconstruct the Casteneda books and showed them to be hoaxes beyond reasonable doubt. The books are full of inconsistencies that even the casual reader will notice.
However, DeMille did dedicate a good part of his books to underlining the truths behind the sorcerors world that Casteneda described.
Thought I'd just get that out into the open.
P.S. I'm a practicing and relatively successful Lucid Dreamer.

Carlos Casteneda

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I am interested in Lucid Dreaming (LD). I have been practising for about 4 years now and find it a very intriguing phenomenom. I am probably not too good at it yet but I have been able to progress to using all my senses whilst I am LD I have also met people and had conversations.

It would be interesting I think if there were some group to join which discussed LD and then people could share techniques, problems I have are gaining the attention in the dream and staying there.

Reading Castenada helped me to start experimenting.

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