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Recycled Loo Roll

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The idea of recycled toilet roll was a huge joke at school!

Now a reality.

Recycled Loo Roll

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

The "spit wads" used to get fired at the ceiling in my day. Since this used to be at least 30 feet high (or so it seemed when I was 10 years old), there they used to stay like a fantastic collection of stalagtites until the school holidays when the Janitor could get the Big Ladder and scrape them off. Actually, I'm not sure they didn't have to do the same thing with some of the teachers.

Recycled Loo Roll

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how about toilet papering someones home/yard. I always thought that was one of the most exciting uses for TP. especially just before it rains. We used to use rolls and rolls of the stuff, sometimes 25 or more on a single yard.

Recycled Loo Roll

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On the subject of spit wads, I also have fond memories of "pea-shooting" (that was what we called it) bit's of toilet paper (or bogroll as we called it) onto the ceiling/teacher/fat boy at the back. another variation which we used to participate in (only in the toilets mind, if a teacher ever caught us doing this we would be in deep trouble) was to get a whole toilet roll, fill a basin with water, immerse the toilet roll for a couple of seconds in the water, and then throw at either the ceiling, or back of door, (if chosen target is ceiling, mind the light bulb.) veering sharply from the subject of toilet roll, we also used to get old metal rulers, the ones with a sort of groove down the centre, and propel sharpened pencils via a rubber band, through the groove of the ruler and into the suspended ceiling tiles of the art rooms, (or the fat boy's bottom if the chance presented itself) .

Recycled Loo Roll

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

You sound like the better class of hooligan to me!

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