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Air Padded Plastic Wrap

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Air padded plastic wrap is essentially a sheet of plastic which contains bubbles of air. These bubbles vary in size from the smallish 'end of your finger' variety, to the larger 'mega bubble' variety1 which has a diameter of a 2p piece. These sheets are then used as a cushioned wrap for protecting packages during transit. Very few people seem to use air padded plastic wrap, but many of us have a little of it around - just to pop it occasionally. This ingenious invention is in fact one of the few known things which completely pacify children and adults alike for hours at a time. If only peacekeepers would drop a few million sheets of this stuff over hostile areas of the planet there would be no wars.

Except, of course, wars regarding whose turn it is to play with the wrap.

1These words were simply chosen to convey the relative size of this product and the fact that it makes a bigger bang when popped. Not that we'd ever do anything like that, of course.

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