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Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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24th January 2009 12.15
This morning I was peeved about a few things.

Then suddenly, as if by smiley - magic I was launched onto a site that I did not even know existed.

We should keep it indelibly printed in our minds. I am going to print it out and put it next to my computer.
This marvellous site which has so changed so many of our lives. we must not lose the guiding light, the visionary who inspired this marvellous tribute to Man;s vision and ingenuity - and compassion.

also ran80

Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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Well, I am replying to myself.

I see that someone wants experts to contact him/her.

What is an expert? Someone who has esperience of something, or has experienced something?

There are a lot of subjects which I am interested in = would like to explore more, and that is the one problem which I have with this site. I go looking for different interests and veritably sometimes do not find them.

There are actually very few clubs/societies/ groups to join.

The Grey haired group seemed a good one, but unfortunately |I think was too old for them. !!

So here is wishing and hoping that we could start a bonsai group, a speciality food group, a teaching group, a problem group i.e. how to cope with disabilities, old age, shyness anything else you can think of. spicing up your page. I would love someone to help me to that. I actually found out that I joined in 2001 and sadly forgot my password(s), so instead of having a six number ID I am in the millions. !!

With much affection
AlsoRan80 previously AlsoRan1 etc. etc.

Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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Malabarista - now with added pony

And now I just stumbled across this smiley - smiley

If you'd like to set up a club for any of those - and they're good ideas - then you can do so yourself! Just create an Entry with something about the club, and then tell people about it.

You can advertise it in smiley - thepost, for example, and write an journal entry to let people know it's there, or write messages to people who might be interested in joining. smiley - ok

If you want pictures for the club homepage, you can use any from the various collections, like this: A53308361 or this: A692741. When you get a few members, you can apply to the Community Artists for your own special club badge, too. smiley - smileysmiley - artist

Good luck!

Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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Thank you Malabista,

I had forgotten I had written it.!!

A tel logo


Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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Malabarista - now with added pony

smiley - oksmiley - dontpanic

If you would like help with any of it, say the word smiley - smiley

Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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Hi Malabista,

I certainly would. I seem to be on a trip down memory lane at the monment, so if you would like to do whatever needs to be done, I will happily follow in your footsteps. !!

I do find that I get incredibly tired, and now today I have had to have the district nurse come to see me and both my legs are bandaged up from my feet to my knees.

It seems tht I have an allergy to my heart medication which I have had for over three years and my skin is just getting worse and wosrse.

But it is at least keeping my heart and BP in reasonable condition. so I must be grateful for th

Thank you for your wonderufl offer. Feel free to do what you like. Someone wrote about bonsai the other day - which I read, because I really am interested, but have somewhat lost the energy to do anything about it. !!
With affection


Thrilled to find DNA's own words on the launch of h2g2

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Oh dear - an allergy to medication you depend on is not nice! I hope you're feeling better soon. smiley - hug

If you want to start a club of any kind, it would be better if you created the page, so you can edit it and you'll automatically know if someone posts there.

But if you do that and tell me what you'd like on it (even if it's just a picture and a sentence or two) I can do the coding and give it to you so all you have to do is copy and paste. smiley - smiley The same offer applies, by the way, if you want help putting your Personal Space into Guide ML so you could have pictures and links and whatnot, if you want them.

I note there are two bonsai entries, for a start: A680852 and A545131. You could even have the pictures from those!

And if you don't want to start a club, that's fine, too. I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to talk to even without one.

Or maybe this would be of interest to you: A3461898 I see nobody's posted there in a few years, but all three Researchers who worked on it are still active on the site smiley - ok

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