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So Long..and Thanks...

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Pit - ( Carpe Diem - Stay in Bed )

"Improbability counting back from 3Trillion Billions:1 and counting"...DNA had the idea of the Guide when on holiday and p***ed out of his skull, which is where a good brain belongs anyway...now, whith laptops available and hotspots sprouting everywhere, everyone has the Guide in his (hers preferred) satchel.
Never EVER allow anybody to mention the words "travel guide" and "impossible" in one sentence without showing a big grin and thinking of DNA.
smiley - ale...and, thinking of it,smiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale

So Long..and Thanks...

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Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit with even better news
"Ever visited < <./>/dna/h2g2/pda/</.> > with your mobile phone ? "

So Long..and Thanks...

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i first heard the series as a teenager, it has been part of my life. a moment's silence for 'our founder'.... cheers mate.

So Long..and Thanks...

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I first read The Hitchhiker's Guide when I was 13. I was amazed. I had never read a book that was both funny and political. He is the one who inspires me the most--like my own version of The Beatles.

I am still just heartbroken that he's really gone--that I will never get to meet him. He is my hero.

He was the first person who could describe things in a way that I completely understood. Up until him, I had always assumed that there was something wrong with me--that I was just too weird to belong anywhere. But then I read his books, and I just had a connection with his writing. It was like he understood, because he was the same way.

He really shaped the way I think and the way I see the world.

Thank you, Douglas, for everything you've given me.

smiley - brave

So Long..and Thanks...

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My mother always says: better late than never. So I also want to thank you, Douglas. You really did it.

Before I knew him, I was just like anyone else, but since I read his books I get from one weird situation to another. And to say it in the words of Douglas' favorite band: I'm an insane, I do just normal. (well it sounds a bit strange, but I have no better translation, I just know it in german...).
There's no situation anymore when I don't think: "What would Douglas do?" - but I always get the same answer: he wouldn't know it either, so just do what you think is right. Well yes and I think now's the right time to get another cup of coffee, isn't it? smiley - smiley

Well than: Slainte smiley - coffee, so long and thanks for all the fish!

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