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Home town?

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I just read the welcome message from the late Mr. Adams, and I decided why not add to the... atlas of the Hootoo.

"You can create your own Guide Entries containing anything you want, from your opinions of world events to a description of your home town, and it all goes to make up the h2g2 Guide..."

Well, my home town is called Niagara-on-the-Lake. It's down in southern Ontario, and considered the prettiest town in Canada. I have lived there all my life, and I don't plan on leaving. With little subdivisions splitting off from the Old Town, very popular wineries in the surrounding, and a very b-e-a-utiful main street, this town is the biggest tourist attraction I have ever seen (keeping in mind that this is the only town I have ever seen).

But really, there are more different tourists there in a week, then the population of the town itself. I personally live in a little ub-division right off of the lake, and with a forset in my back yard.

The main street is packed with little gift shops, and no stores of real value except a Timmys and an Avondale just a little way across town. On the highway in, there is a McDonals, wich out of an extraordinary coincidence is at the already buisiest intersection, and it's right beside a high school. Plus, the lame McDonals opens late, and closes at eight o'clock pm. I mean, c'mon!

Npw, this is my home town, why don't you add to the altas?smiley - bubbly

Home town?

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I've had the good fortune to live in various places including Crumlin (Northern Ireland), Birmingham (England), Toronto (Canada), Los Angeles (USA) and now Oakville (Canada).

I've also had the chance to visit Niagra-on-the-lake many times (usually to visit the wee scottish loft - got to get my Britsh chocolate and Billy Connelly tapes somewhere). It is a beautiful place to visit, but I've got to admit I wouldn't want to live there.

Of all the places I've lived I'd choose Toronto for the big city and Crumlin to get back to nature.smiley - ale

Home town?

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Funny, I don't really like it here either. I'd rather live in Heathrow or somewhere over there in Europe, but thats not going to happen until I've finished school and have enough money to move over there. Yes... that good 'ol wee scottish loft... such a delight. I've only been there once and frankly (I'm being frank here), the chocolates I bought were very UN-tasty. Though I have been to toronto an vancouver... I really enjoyed vancouver actually. Beautiful place. Especially when you're an outdoor kinda person, comme moi.smiley - bubbly

Home town?

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Hi peoplessmiley - smiley!!!! well, I come from a small city called Cairns smiley - magic and it is very touristy.

It is in Far North QLD(Queensland) Australiasmiley - ok and full of japanese, just about every other shop is Japanese ownedsmiley - erm so it is very useful to know the languagesmiley - cool.

There are three majour shopping centers and tones of smaller ones.smiley - winkeye

Most of the boats and catermarangs leave from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef and islands but most locals have never been as it costs way too much.smiley - wah

Mabey one of You will decide to come to Cairns one day as it is not all badsmiley - cheerup, but my small city is very likeable.smiley - run

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