All about Toowoohoovoo!

Joy to the world, yet another unknown species. The toowoohoovoo is the brother species of a Hooloovoo, which is an intelligent shade of blue. The difference is that the Toowoohoovoo is an uber cool, under researched and indiscreetly traumatized Russian-wearing Platypus. (It turns out that I'm starting a research project on this species/little or much rather large under-taught and mal treated pladdys, and if you'd like to help, then please add to the soon to be, or already existing topic named "It's a bird! It's a plane! No. It's an uber cool, under-researched, indiscreetly traumatized Russian-wearing Platypus climbing a totem pole!" -- It turns out that any help would be greatly appreaciated in discovering what these poor creaturs are all about.)(Incidentally, this paragraph was written much later than the last paragraph, but before the corrections to the text were... corrected.)

My real name is Noel A. Haliski. I'm a finatic and wacky Canadian. I'm about 6'2" with dark brown hair. Slim build, olive eyes and a placid face. (I actually wrote this the same day I worte the paragraph about my new found skill. And not this paragraph, but what I'm going to write, along with this. If you ever, now this is funny because my explanation is far longer than what I'm trying to say, get an email from a Mr. George Hail, that's me!)

I have a wacky personality, and can't stand ignorent people! I'm always cracking jokes, and I'm a big one for languages. Not just regular languages, but computer languages as well. That makes me a big programmer. I plan on joining the military, specifically the Air Force as soon as possible. I think that the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is the most brillliantly written book on the planet. I'm also a big fan of Star Trek and Stargate SG-1. I was a big fan of the LOTR until the movie came out, then I lost interest. Everyone I know tells me I look exactly like Frodo, and I mean EVERYONE. The one fantasy thing I can't get enough of is, wait for the drumm roll, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind! (And of course the Bloodmoon and Tribunal Expansion Packs. I've got the game of the Year edition, oh and the Game Guide.)

Ok, know instead of putting this sentence in brackets wich would get you confused I decided it would work as it starting off my sentence. I made this paragraph a day later after I wrote the paragraph about my favorite saying. Here is a list of my better friends, in no particular order mind you.


The person that facinates me the most goes by many names, such as:
1. MacGyver,
2. Jonathan\Jack O'Neill, or
3. Richard Dean Anderson (that's his real name).

I guess my favorite actor would have to be him, along with Amanda Tapping, she's one of the actors in SG-1 as well (which is funny because so is RDA).

Ahh, now that I've had a new day to refresh my fragged memory, I can add to my little charade.

Probably as you've 'o too recently (said NE!) read, I a big sci-fi fan, with this in mind, I am a HUGE fan of Star Trek. Now to get off topic and not start a new paragraph, I'm also very well versed in all Monty Python.

I'm also a percusionist. Anything that you hit and it makes a noise back (keep me away from your cat!), I play. Then a hobo died.

I also really love to read and write (I don't know if I've mentionned that before since I'm adding on to this a new day and I'm too lazy to check up top even though I just typed this sentence in about 10 seconds! I write science fiction mostly, and read just about anything that doesn't have to do with love, or some retarded thing like that. But that doesn't mean it has to have killing or anything....

Ahh, hmm. Ya, I've also found my second dream come true, sorta, on this site, the Random Quotes Guild. Can't wait!

Oh, and at the spurr of the moment (this was written sometime later than the last paragraph), I've have figured out that I am very skilled in the art of talking in past future tense when you travell in time. Here is a clip from my recent conversation to aid in your belief>

[est magnus elephauntamus in parvi boxos says:] <- thats me!
i have been in an hootoo mood all day monday tomorrow
Im tired and insane... says:
Im tired and insane... says:
speaking in other tenses now are we?
est magnus elephauntamus in parvi boxos says:
possibly i havdid nowlater
Im tired and insane... says:
Im tired and insane... says:
man my house smells like pot cause it reeks so bad like melted butter
Im tired and insane... says:
like beyond the good smell, it is at the point where its making me sick
est magnus elephauntamus in parvi boxos says:
if you didave couldof not sooner understoodand

Ha, you should know that I wrote this paragraph just after the one about the alternate identity. I come from a family of celebrities, my sister is miss canada, except you won't find her becuase I'm using a false last name, and my second, no third cousin is ron sexsmith. Plus, well, not really I'm just going on and on because someone is going to figure something out about me eventually and then I want them to answer it! And when you do figure something out, tell me!

Oh yes, one more thing. My favorite saying was Schving! But now it evolved into "For crying out loud". And I say that whenever possible. (Especially when the phone rings... devinus!)

I don't know if this was mentionned before since the timeline in this is a little screwy, but my favorite band is Yes, they're British, and they're the best musicians in the world.bubbly

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