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I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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One Saturday morning, May 12, 2001, after I had taken as many showers as a man could possibly take in one day, and as I was entering upon the "Dark Tea-Time of the Soul," I picked up the paper and discovered that a man I had never known, but will always call friend, had passed. The legacy Douglas Adams left behind for us all, in his letters, in his books, and in his broadcasts, defined a generation of the finest fans to ever walk the planet Earth (as well as other planets, after the dreaded Vogon Constructor Fleet leveled the dear place to make way for an Interstellar Bypass.) Here was a man who taught us how to truly view the society we lived in from Outside the Asylum. We all owe him the greatest debt that can possibly be concieved.

Douglas Adams, We Loved You Dearly.
I salute you. My towel salutes you.
Keep on Hitching, friend.


I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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Gordon Jones

Douglas was a great man, no really he was huge literally and/or metaphoricly, fore he did not always know where his towel was, maybe it was this fact that he died at such an early age so tragicly but, he can rest peacefully in his grave knowing that he started the greatest cult through out history and ofcourse the universe so, smiley - dontpanic just lay back have some smiley - ale and a smiley - choc, while you cuddle your towel smiley - towel as hard as you can and good luck smiley - goodluck, to you, you'll need it.
But just remember, smiley - dontpanic

I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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At least, when you die you can go wherever you like. Except, perhaps ursa minor. Hope to see you on Rupert.

I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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A truly wonderful piece,you know,I was not aware of the passing of the man who gave us the true meaning of the towel and showed me some of the best humorous reading ever.I am an avid fan of such wonder and as such think it completely right and proper that the book (small word) should be translated into big screen format.I don't think the t.v.series ever did the book justice.Here's hoping that he recieves the true accolade that is deserved.
An after thought....maybe we can get N.A.S.A (or some other appropriate body) to place some outer space NO PARKING signs around the planet....just in case.
I realy must keep up with the news,but it makes me feel so depressed,after all here I am ,a brain the size of....................
mister marble.

I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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A lot of people have told me that they were dissapointed in The Salmon of Doubt, because it wasn't Douglas' plan. Perhaps so, but I thought that the particular articles the editors strung together were funny, and informative. For instance, I never knew that Adams was an atheist, or that he had a scarring incident with shorts in universitysmiley - biggrin. I can only say that I hope he finds himself wrong about the former.

I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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Gordon Jones

douglas was a man of supreme intelect and probably given the chance would have made these inventions himself.smiley - cheerupsmiley - cool dude bring your smiley - towelsmiley - dontpanic and smiley - smiley.

I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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Douglas Adams was a great, intelligent man. He knew about how to improve the world, try hard, and make people laugh. He wasn't Christian, but he was still kind-hearted and humorous. He was, as considered by many, a true genius. We will all miss Douglas Adams forever.


I Salute You! My Towel Salutes You!

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Dr. Megabite


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