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Persona Non Grata

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Persona non grata
He wore a zapata
Which is a kinda mustacha
Which don't come much larger
Stiffened with starch - Uh?

Yes he truly was a poet for the prehensile juvenile.

Always go for the obvious, that was his motto. He was not a very subtle creative force, whether he thought he was or not. I kept trying to kick the habit, but I ended up with most of his albums. Sometimes I don't play them for months on end and then I think I'll just listen to a couple of tracks and the old rocking chair starts to rock and I'm humming along. But sadly he lost me a little with Anal Sex. Was that really a joke track? And can I really introduce his music to my kids - this is the disgustingly depraved stuff your Dad plays on his car CD in between business meetings. Will this liberate them from the threat of becoming boring later on.........

Peaches en Regalia was one of the first tracks I heard and perhaps its still my favourite - Hot Rats version.

Tell me another joke fast is not really a very satisfying philosophy, but there are worse creeds to adhere to.

Beefheart was a better lyricist I'm afraid.


Pile and Shufflebottom

Persona Non Grata

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It seems to me that all conversations on the Guide are essentially monologues - albeit rather disjointed ones.

Does anyone logon to develop a line of thought by sparking stuff off someone else or do they just want to get a chance to say something obscure to an unidentified, unresponsive, potential reader, rather than have their partner just look at them strangely and tell them to grow up and get on with something more purposeful like mowing the lawn, ironing some shirts or dusting the dog.

Stucco Homes, that was another good one.

Crumpled yet unbowed.

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