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Matt the Jaha

For those of you who turn the extra 6 degrees, here's a little trivia. Terry Bozzio, Zappa's former drummer on several albums including Sheik Yerbouti, formed the early 80's, new-wave, bubblegum-punk band the Missing Persons. The group involved Zappa junkies Warren Cuccurullo on guitar, and Patrick O'Hearn on bass guitar. Bozzio also recruited former Playboy playmate and then wife Dale Consalvi (Bozzio) on lead vocals and classically trained keyboardist Chuck Wild to create a progressive, synthesized, vocal cord popping punk experiment that would soon be imitated (and distorted) by pop-icons such as Cindy Lauper.
Their first and most notable album, Spring Sessions M, included twenty year-old hits Destination Unknown and Words. Though the vocals press my nerves a bit, the guitar playing is experimental as well as grounded, and the drumming takes on a lead role with death defying solos and expression. Newer pressings of the album include two unreleased demo songs, Hello, I Love You and Mental Hopscotch, which are in my opinion their finest work.

Missing Persons

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Oh Punky!

Missing Persons

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I used to look up lots of peripheral FZ stuff, and had recordings with most of the FZ musicians doing other stuff. Terry Bozzio's head grew too big ("Hey, I can play the Black Page!") and he decided to quit and form this band and conquer the world on his own. I concider this the worst 80's band ever, and the album cover alone takes the fun out of listening to Punky's Whips.
Now, when I listen to FZ stuff with Bozzio, I have to struggle a little bit. This cheesy crap tends to overshadow the FZ stuff in my mind. It's kind of like trying to remember how it was to be in love with your ex wife...

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