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Researcher mindless wonder

it seems to me- as i walk among the masses- that this which is "pop-music" is popular among them. is it popular among them because it is "sold" heavily to them? or is it just what they like? it is possible they like it. if not we are only wishing a different genre sold at them. so which would we perfer? a bunch of mindless followers mimicing our preferences or standing out as special and unique for our tastes and choices? as humans we naturally have the right to choose our preferences, choose and be proud whether it be main-stream or different off-kilter. rejoice in who you are.
those who are musicians should play whatever your brain, or soul or whatever it is that fuels your music- play whatever it tells you to or suffer the consequences- which is mainly knowing whether or not you could have changed the musical world. think and excercise your human rights and abilities.


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Casey *Go ECU Pirates :o) * Keeper of Love, Guardian Angel

Hey mindless wonder! Just wanted to welcome you to the site. smiley - smiley I haven't been posting on this section, but I did want to say a hello to ya. I'm rather new to this site too. smiley - smiley

Just so you know, under where you posted your "intro" on your page, it shows where people post stuff to you...so you may want to check those messages out. smiley - smiley Anyways, just wanted to say welcome!

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