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Speaking as someone who lives in the middle of America I say that country is cool. I know that the sterotypical country song goes something like "my hunting dog stole my truck and ran away with my wife", but if anybody out there will just believe me and just listen to say Garth Brooks or Trick Pony they would realize that they were wrong and at least stop despising country and might accually like it. I beg of you to at least listen to one song of modern (i.e. published after 1992) song, you might even like it.


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garth brooks...my husband is a HUGE garth brooks fan (ok, i like him too but i think he is a bit obsessed smiley - winkeye)
even the chris gaines album that went over like a lead filled life preserver.
the old country...tear in my beer stuff, not the funny story stuff, is not my cup of tea but i do like the new country otherwise titled 'southern rock'.
of course when it comes to music my tastes go from one extreme to the other...if it is good i don't care what cat. it falls under i still like it smiley - smiley

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