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recording studios and the pop star

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Ever wondered why pop stars when making a recording wear earphones and during the recording session press them tightly to their ears. As a one time manufacturer of recording studio sound mixing desks I can let you into a little secret that they would rather you did not know .

The vast majority of so called pop stars have no voice and it is up to the recording engineers to boost and enhance what little they do have at the sound mixing desk. the resultant enhanced sound is played back to the "pop star" so that he or she can hear the results of their efforts as they perform . They screw the earphones into their ears so that they are unable to hear their real and unenhanced ghastly efforts . It is called "making a silk purse out of a sow`s ear" and you dear listener pay good money for a load of electronic rubbish . Take away the electronic aids ,and they stand before you as they really are , overpaid and devoid of real singing talent .

But what about pop concerts I hear you say . They dont` wear earphones then" .You are right, They simply swallow the microphone and rely on sheer amplification and the electronics in the stage equipment to make what they think is "a good sound man" Which only goes to prove that as stand alone performers they are pathetic.

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recording studios and the pop star

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