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Rudest Elf

Although I enjoyed your entry on queueing, as a resident of Madrid, I
must tell you that your formula would be extremely difficult to apply
over here, where queue-jumping is seen as sport and is practiced most
energetically by women 'over a certain age'.
The scenario is this; you want to buy some mincemeat: you approach the butcher´s at the local market and see that there is a `queue` of
about 10 people waiting to be served. This is not a queue. It is a loose gathering without end. You must ask, 'Who is the last?'
N.b. It is crucial to keep a close eye on this person, as, should she disappear (usually because her turn has come up in another queue), you will be thrown into a panic, not knowing the identity of the person in front of the person in front of you when you joined the queue. No room for more about abuses of the honest queuer, but believe me, queueing is not a suitable subject for humour over here.

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