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Queuing- Iceland

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confused of earth

The finest example of good natured queuing must certainly take place in Iceland, particulary the capital city of Reykjavik. The best time to watch this facinating debuncle is at three o'clock in the morning at a weekend. The pubs, clubs, and assorted entertainment centres all shut at this time, and there is a massive, in fact invasion proportioned, surge towards the taxi queues. There is the rather inelegant (well if you'd been drinking all night it certainly will be) hurdle over the barriers, in order to get into the queue as far up as possible. The the slightly more salubrious art of finding friends (even if only made that night) that may be higher up in the queue. The final resort to queuing is to actually abandon it altogether and flag down a passing motorist, who will in all probablity offer you a lift at a fraction of the "regular" taxis anyway. I await further instructions as how best to remove the passed out queuee who has fallen asleep (or worse) on your shoulder!

Queuing- Iceland

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Seoman Snowlock

I dont think you should allow people to lay their head on youre shoulder in this queue I don't and therefore I am free of this phenomenon! Simple. smiley - winkeye

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