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A452657 - Perth, Western Australia

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Almighty Rob - mourning the old h2g2


Any comments?

A452657 - Perth, Western Australia

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Global Village Idiot

Hi Rob,

Finally, someone comes along and gives you a hearing. smiley - smiley

Sadly, there's bad news: an Edited article on Perth already exists (http://www.h2g2.com/A151444), and while yours is in many ways superior, the priority at the moment is for new entries, and indeed the mechanisms for updating existing ones are sketchy at best, so you're unlikely to progress. That's a shame because your effort is in many ways superior to the current one. You could go and annoy Mark Moxon (http://www.h2g2.com/U13) about it if you like. He enjoys that. smiley - winkeye

Aside from that, there were a couple of ommissions which immediately struck me: with reference to "uses of the Swan River", you don't mention its part in the brewing of the brand of beer which shares its name. Also, in the sports section you failed to mention the WACA and its important role in the history of fast bowling (as home of the greatest lady player of all time, Lillian Thompson smiley - winkeye), and indeed still probably the fastest, bounciest pitch in the world.

Aside from that, it's a nice entry - and I'm sad that a technical fault will stop it going further for the moment.

A452657 - Perth, Western Australia

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Almighty Rob - mourning the old h2g2

Someone did mention that an edited entry exists, and I have checked it out... it's a bit sketchy, but it does cover a lot of things I haven't.

I'm glad you liked it... if I get time I'll include the WACA (can't believe I missed it, given that I went to Trinity College next door for five years smiley - winkeye )


A452657 - Perth, Western Australia

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

There IS an alternative!

If the author of the edited entry is still around, you could contact her/him, improve on the entry and have it exchanged for the new one, with due credits to both. At least, it worked this way with the entry on Chess!


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h2g2 auto-messages

Editorial Note: This thread has been moved out of the Peer Review forum because this entry has now been recommended for the Edited Guide.

If they have not been along already, the Scout who recommended your entry will post here soon, to let you know what happens next. Meanwhile you can find out what will happen to your entry here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/SubEditors-Process


A452657 - Perth, Western Australia

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You must be a foreigner. Lillian Marsh smiley - smiley was the name of the Western Australian cricket player.

Now go and wash your feet in some Hawkesbury wine. That's all it's good for. smiley - smiley

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