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Where was this information when I could have used it??

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

The glass etiquette thing completely escaped me during my travels in Australia. It would have come in handy...especially because of the tip thing. Since they didn't accept tips, it was a bit more difficult to get into the bartenders' good graces.

I do have to disagree on a couple points here, though. I ordered my beer in schooners in Western Australia and New South Wales, and it was the same type of glass. Also, in spite of being from the US, I found the people to be incredibly friendly, open, and welcoming. But then, every time I voiced an opinion about Australia, it was to say how wonderful it was. Too bad it's so hard to get a work visa out there... smiley - sadface

Where was this information when I could have used it??

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The only time I was in Australia for any length of time, was when I was in the service, and I spent 1 month in Perth. Since we went out with the local boys, we never had any problems. Also, since we were Americans who did NOT wear our uniforms, and who spent way to much money, the local pubs were always glad to see us. They did not even mind the occasional faux pas with the glasses.

Where was this information when I could have used it??

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Being a Western Australian beer drinker, let me clarify a few points re such an important topic as the size of beer glasses.
In Western Australia the following size beers are drunk.
Pony 5 imperial ounces
Glass 7 imperial ounces
Midi 10 imperial ounces
Schooner 15 imperial ounces
Pint 20 imperial ounces

In W.A. we drink mainly midis. This is due to our predominantly warm climate. In New South Wales, schooners are the go. The only people who drink ponies are over the age of 90 and recovering alcoholics. No-one I know drinks glasses. Schooners are drunk only by those on a mission or from the Eastern States. Pints are drunk by Poms (who don't mind it warm),smiley - winkeye

P.S. Congrats to the UK for having the greatest ever medal tally at the Sydney Olympics...weren't they the best!!!!!

Where was this information when I could have used it??

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

And that explains a strange reaction I received. I was drinking a schooner of Toohey's Old at a pub in Perth, and the woman at the next table asked me what I was drinking. Apparently, Toohey's Old is one of the most potent, and, coupled with the fact that it was a schooner (which I had just gotten into the habit of requesting in the Eastern States), she concluded that I was out to get mind-numbingly drunk. The sun was still out, too, so she must have thought I was quite an alcoholic. Not true... I was just an ignorant tourist. I was drinking Toohey's Old simply because I'm in the habit of, when I don't know what's available, simply asking for whatever dark beer they have. And besides... it's pretty good stuff.

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