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I think the funniest thing I've heard about this subject may not be true but someone told me that the sculptures in the vatican or somewhere were considered obscene and so fig leaves were added at a later date to cover certain areas. It might have been a wind up though.

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No, I think it was somewhere in the States. I just heard something about that last week, but I can't remember exactly what it was. It was some sort of institutional building, I think--a school or library, if I'm remembering correctly. Anyone else know?

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Ironically, it was St. Geraldine's school of Art. The establishment had just COME under new management about a year-and-a-half ago now, and in our new 'politically correct' world certain images and POSITIONS portrayed on sculptures were deemed obscene by some RIGID Catholic types and so had fig leaves added to the appropriate areas. One piece was even considered unsuitable for any public viewing and removed to the vaults, I believe it was a piece based on St. Geraldine herself and involved a spear of some sort. I hope this information is of as much use to you as it was to me, oh actually no I don't, I hope it's useful to you...

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Now this winds me up. Who gets to say what is considered fit for public viewing? I don't want to get into a whole censorship debate but for goodness sake, it's a sculpture, a work of art. The idea is to inspire you, or make you think. To challenge you in some way. I think it's obscene that someone can turn around and say "no. . .I don't think people can handle a stone image of that. . .oh I know they've all got a real one but don't you think a fig leaf would be a good idea?" It buggers the mind!

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I have heard it said that the fig leaf gives sexuality a mystical quality, the forbiden fruit. Our imaginations are an exquisite medium that could never be matched by an artist. For a trully erotic image try a fig leaf,,,,, Oh well you'll have to work on that. Or we could turn the tables and declair the fig leaf obscene, the thought police could have a field day chipping away at thier sexual hang ups. (a good tag for the fig leaf )

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